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“The close is important because it converts invested time to profitable time” - ZigZiglar

We are ALL in the business of selling. We may be selling ideas, products, services. We may be called the entrepreneur, manager, salesman, journalist, creative professional but at the heart of what we do is the NEED to effectively convince, persuade and get the listener to take action, in short, close the deal. 

In this 1 day High Impact program, Antano Solar John, an expert on NLP, the technology of communication and personal change will share with you the secrets of stepping up your game to move from closing what comes your way easily to closing every real opportunity like a pro!

This program will help you:

- Improve your INNER GAME of closing the deal 

- Leverage your Expertise to CONVINCE with Passion 

- Utilise Highly Effective NLP techniques to convert Interest to Action QUICKLY

- Maximise your returns FASTER

- Get the Mental Attitude of the BEST closers

- Awaken the NATURAL influencer in you 

Corporate Advantage:  
* Enrol 4 Participants and get the 5th Complimentary  
* Enrol 5 Participants and get 2 Complimentary  


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